Week 14

For this project I decided to make the objective of Twitter Advertising to increase clicks to Solid Gold's page clicks. For Facebook I opted for a single photo post with a description and branding that would lead viewers to the consulting appointment page. For Instagram I chose a carousel post that featured multiple photos and captions, directing to different pages and resources for Solid Gold. I think if this was a real business I would use photos of the office space, the building, of the area where consultations happen. I think leading viewers to the resources easily is effective and helpful especially if consumers have specific questions.

Week 13 Post 2

It is surprising how quickly a clean advertisement can capture a consumers attention. Ultimately an ad with minimal copy, key words, and a clean graphic has amazing potential to capture a viewers attention.
One style of ad that has huge potential to capture attention is video ads. Video ads often appear in a series of videos already being watched, and auto play in a thread. When an ad has a strong introduction, I have of often found myself pausing to see what the ad is going to come to. One example of a video ad working extremely well is Facebooks ad featuring the song, "Walking in Memphis." This ad has diversity and every person it shows has a personal version of the song. Without knowing what the ad was for, I was hooked.
I believe if a company has the means to produce high quality videos, advertising on Facebook using videos is a strong option. Photo ads are the best second option, in my opinion. A clean photo ad can convey a message, sometimes completely without the use …

Week 13 Post 1

The Social Media Consulting profiles I find are frustrating because they are either blatantly out of touch with how to connect and promote themselves, ironically, or they are "influencers" who are using themselves as a the face for their brand, which isn't a bad move; however, I struggle to find groups who mix the style of influencers with the technical information of poorly ran social media.
Advertising on social media are normally so specifically tailored to consumers based on their data. I think social media on instagram has a clear advantage over other social media platforms. Paid ad's on Instagram often blend into your feed and the images used typically reflect the content typically present on your feed. 
For smaller business not using paid advertising via social media often will do collaborations with other small scale business when appropriate. I think in social media advertising it is important to not make it clear you are pushing a product, but rather push a l…

Week 12 Post 1

I think in terms of working in a creative field, I foresee podcasts being a really relevant way to gain a following. Collaborating with other creatives works well for exposure and for continuous learning. I think conversation in a creative field is key to seeing new perspectives, learning new information, and allows you to make connections to people with more specialized skills.

I also think GoogleMaps is gaining more relevance than Yelp, it's a central hub for directions, ratings, and business links. I think focusing attention into a complete GoogleMaps profile will bring more results for a business.

Week 11 Post 1

I think for Solid Gold, a monthly newsletter would be the best fit. I believe anything to frequent would be overkill. Between change of seasons, holidays, and trends I think there could enough information to send out a monthly or even bi-monthly newsletter.
I think Solid Gold could use relevant data in their email, sharing the growth of social media, the relationships they have with businesses, and share stories of success working within Solid Gold. I also believe giving hints to forecasted trends would beneficial information to share in a newsletter. I believe the format and appearance of a newsletter for Solid Gold would carry a lot of weight. As a company that is always thinking ahead and is there to help businesses get ahead, it would need to be apparent that Solid Gold understands trends and style.

Week 10 Post 2

On a blog for Solid Gold I think we would focus on sharing content from others, sharing our completed projects, and having posts written from our staff.

I think it is important show that, as a business, you are keeping up with trends, new research, and listening to new people. Sharing articles and videos show that Solid Gold is actively growing and guaranteeing the work we do will not be outdated.

Sharing completed projects is like a portfolio and it's important to keep it updated with projects that have been completed and have succeeded. Shouting out a a successful business Solid Gold used to consult with shows community and is example of a success story.

Lastly, I think Solid Gold is a business based around connecting with individuals and understanding them and their company. Therefore, I believe having posts written by staff focusing on different ideas and issues could strengthen the team of Solid Gold and help customers see the individuality and creativity in our business.


Week 10 Extra Credit

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