Week 4 Post 2

One website that I like to frequent is Olderbrother. While this website features out of my price range clothes, we all know it can be fun to dream. Olderbrother's website is a complete experience. From the way the webpage loads, they way products are displayed, and the way items are added to you car, Olderbrother makes shopping with them a complete experiences. Olderbrother's website is styled, but not cluttered, interactive, but not glitchy, and simple, but not boring.
Understanding the concept of 'less is more' older brother uses single images to guide you in the direction you want to go, or allows you to bypass the home page with a pull out menu on the side. Ultimately I believe the branding keeps me coming back, while they are ethical and stylish, that would mean nothing without a clean and easy website. Sometimes the graphics on their pages interact too much with scrolling, and I would like to see a way for those graphics to add movement but not clutter to their pa…

Week 5 Post 1

Instantly from looking at Armstrong Garden Centers and Myrtle Creek I could feel the difference in product each company was selling me. While both business sell plants, Armstrong is selling a service and Myrtle Creek is selling an experience.
Armstrong is calling the customer to action is almost every photo on their main page. Using text like "joing us," "visit us," and "Learn more," across their home page, Armstrong is inviting the customer to dig deeper and engage more. They are asking their customers to take the time to educate themselves on the services Armstrong offers. Myrtle Creek is calling customers to action in a different way by helping the customer envision themselves spending a day at Myrtle Creek gardens. Using phrases like "enjoy a," "relax on," and "tour our," Myrtle Creek is telling customers what they can do when the visit by putting each customer in the center of every opportunity.
I believe Myrtle Creek i…

Week 4 Post 1

Choose two of the following websites Identify at least three potential problems for visitors.What could be improved on these websites and why would these improvements help?It almost feels crazy going through the given list of websites to choose which websites need improvements and which websites are professional. Observing websites with such of a scope of success and intention makes comparing them feel silly.
Jami Lin's website has a lot of features that may cause problems for visitors. First off, I notice three other websites written out in her heading. If these websites have value to Jami Lin and her product they should be hyperlinked with a clear title. Inviting visitors to her website and instantly sending them to another website is extremely misleading. Secondly her website is not streamlined, her information in the sidebars seem like advertisements for other websites and don't add to a visitor's understanding of her website and her product. Hiding the information about…

Week 3 Part 2

For this assignment I decided to analyze five local Portland, OR coffee shops. I have included the five coffee shops, media links, and their last date of posting below.

GuilderINSTAGRAM: September 7th, 2019FACEBOOK: September 5th, 2019
Prince CoffeeINSTAGRAM: September 8th, 2019TWITTER: November 30th, 2018
Upper Left RoastersINSTAGRAM: September 9th, 2019FACEBOOK: March 18th, 2019TWITTER: January 30th, 2016
Good CoffeeINSTAGRAM: September 7th, 2019FACEBOOK: March 12th, 2019MEDIUM: June 7th, 2019
Coava CoffeeINSTAGRAM: September 7th, 2019FACEBOOK: September 7th, 2019TWITTER: July 22, 2019
In analyzing these five coffee shops, it was important to take into consideration the difference in their following and products. I assembled the list in order of least amount of Instagram followers to highest amount, ranging from 2,228 followers to 45.7k. This difference in size drastically alters the way the business will interact with consumers. I exclusively focused on the use of Instagram for this assig…

Week 3 part 1

I remember when my old computer had died while under warranty, the hoops it required me to jump through was extremely frustrating. The number of transfers I had to go through and the amount of times I would repeat my claim number and issue began to make the problem seem not worth fixing. In fact the whole situation was so frustrating that the next time i needed to buy a computer I looked to other companies to fill my need first.
Social media has revolutionized the way consumers can communicate with companies, specifically big name organizations. I have had many positive experiences communicating with companies like Spotify and TacoBell through social media. What seems like small issues or inconveniences can be solved from a quick dialogue on the internet.Through twitter I have communicated with Spotify by providing feedback as well as asking for help when my account was malfunctioning or hacked. As a customer it felt really good to receive a response for both scenarios. Feeling seen and heard as …

Week 2 Part 2

De Souza, Stephanie 
It's funny because when I was trying to write this paper I was struggling to explain what platform is good for personal use. More specifically I found a hard time explaining why these platforms were better for personal use. It's easier for me to find reasons for businesses to use specific social media platforms, so it was nice reading your paper and remembering why social media platforms are considered social (haha). Nice post.
Eckhardt, Robert
As a platform I have never used I didn't even think about Snapchat. But knowing what I know about you, you explained it very well. Honestly, snapchat potentially seems like the worst platform for businesses. Good post!
Rahmanian, Darius

I like how you mentioned social media managers and how they have changed what customer service means from their stereotype of being hilarious! Do you think you've come across any business instagrams that do a great job at being the brand without directly doing sponsored ads with i…

Week 2 Part 1

I believe when it comes to personal and business every social media platform has useful tools for different needs. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all have features that allow consumers to reach the businesses 
Regarding personal use, I think all social media platforms are made to be used for personal use and all platforms focuses on a different aspect of life for people to share. I want to consider what platform is geared better towards person use in terms of businesses and consumers. I believe twitter is the most satisfactory way for consumers to be heard and considered by businesses. Twitter allows consumers to start a dialogue directly with businesses and is the best platform to expect a response. Personally, I believe Instagram is a good platform for individuals to post to business in hopes of a 'like' or a 'shoutout'; however, in terms of being a platform for problem solving, Instagram doesn't fulfill that requirement.
It is easier to consider what social medi…